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What is Hand Therapy?

Hand Therapy is a highly specialized field of Occupational Therapy

Just about everything you do requires the use of your hands. You have more than 30 muscles and 25 bones in your hand and forearm that help you use your phone and computer, make your world-famous lasagna, play catch with your son, and wash your hair.   Your hands are intricate parts of your body that need special attention.   This is why Certified Hand Therapists, Occupational Therapists who have completed more than 4000 hours of hand therapy treatment and passed a rigorous exam, specialize in the exclusive treatment of hand and wrist injuries.

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At OPT, our Certified Hand Therapists design and build customized braces and splints to help you continue to use your hands as much as possible throughout your recovery. We understand the many intricate joints and muscles in the hand, and perform specialized hands-on treatment to improve mobility and pain.   During one-hour appointments, we listen to you and, together, we devise a plan to safely meet your goals and accommodate your busy schedule.

If you have had surgery, we work closely with your hand surgeon to understand their post-operative rehabilitation protocol.   If you are hoping to avoid surgery or suffering from chronic finger, hand or wrist pain, we use the most up-to-date hand therapy techniques and modalities to help you return to the things you love to do as quickly as possible.

Hand Therapy

If your hand, wrist, elbow or forearm was injured at work, your treatment will include Hand Therapy. Your Certified Hand Therapist will deliver one-on-one specialized care that is designed to meet your specific work-related needs.   Treatment may include custom splinting to allow you to perform job tasks in a safe and pain-free manner, post-operative rehabilitation, wound care, edema management, therapeutic exercise, body mechanics instruction and pain-relieving modalities.

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Workers Comp - Industrial Rehab

If you have injured you hand, wrist or elbow at work, please visit our Work Injury page for more information.

Outpatient Physical Therapy offers Occupational and Hand Therapy at our Covington Satellite and Kent Clinic.