Residency Program - Outpatient Physical Therapy

OPT’s Evidence in Motion (EIM) Hosted Orthopaedic and Sports Residency Programs

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At OPT, we believe in post-professional education and board certifications because we practice Top of Scope care. We encourage participation in our orthopedic and/or sports residency programs as an EIM preferred hosted clinical residency site.
Physical Therapists who complete residency programs report increased credibility and deeper understanding of the science behind physical therapy treatment . They are fully prepared to sit for the OCS and SCS exams, and the APTA reports that PT’s who complete residency programs are “more marketable as specialists.”

By 2017, 100% of our Physical Therapists will be Board Certified Specialists or actively engaged in a residency program.

EIM Hosted Residency Features:
  • Onsite in-clinic mentoring with a board certified, EIM-approved mentor
  • Dedicated learning time
  • 12-14 month program
  • Competitive salary with fully subsidized tuition
  • Online coursework taught by world class EIM faculty
  • 4 weekend intensive hands-on courses taught by world class EIM faculty
  • Qualified to sit for the OCS or SCS exam
  • Preparation for the OCS exam through OCS Prep Course (87% pass rate)
  • “Before residency I lacked the manual therapy skills set to deliver effective hands-on care to my patients. I felt very novice in the profession. After completing residency, I am now able to use manual therapy and exercise to deliver evidence-based care to my patients. Residency has taught me how to search for and interpret the literature and apply it to the cases I see on a daily basis. It has encouraged me to stay up to date on journal articles and made PT fun and exciting again."
    – Katie Tutko, PT, DPT
  • “The residency program has helped me develop a clinical skill set in orthopedics beyond what I learned in PT schools. Since beginning the program I am more confident in my clinical reasoning, and feel I can provide a higher level of care for my patients."
    – Sarah Winder, PT, DPT

Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship

For those who have already completed a clinical residency program and want to go deeper into manual therapy, clinical research and teaching, OPT is a host site for EIM’s Orthopedic Manual Therapy Fellowship.

  • Combination of distance learning, online and weekend intensive hands-on courses
  • Training in advanced manual therapy techniques
  • Ongoing clinical mentoring and outcomes monitoring
  • 24-36 month program
  • Opportunities to participate in clinical research
  • Primed for leadership in the teaching of orthopedic manual physical therapy

What is FOTO?

Because we are committed to Top of Scope patient care, we monitor patient outcomes via Focus On Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO), the only outcomes system nationally recognized and endorsed by the National Quality Forum (NQF).

A web based system, FOTO reports 3 primary functional status measures:
  • Initial Functional Status
  • Predicted Goal Status
  • Discharge Functional Status

Using the gold standard for outcomes measurement, patient self-reporting, the FOTO system quantifies the perceived functional status of patients at the start of care, in the middle of care and upon discharge, and compares these scores to a national database.

In short, FOTO gives us data about how effective we are as therapists. At OPT, we take patient outcomes seriously. We are proud of our therapists for achieving the highest tier of clinical outcomes. Our clinical leaders review FOTO reports with therapists quarterly and work with them to reach the best patient outcomes possible.

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