Testimonials - Outpatient Physical Therapy


As a result of the compassionate care we deliver, we develop lasting relationships with our patients. Many times, we hear from our patients about how Outpatient PT has helped them. For those of you we hear from, we thank you for passing along your kind words.

Here are some of our favorites:

Karla of Kent

Always courteous, welcoming, and positive!

After I had a complete hip replacement, I was doomed for extended physical therapy during my recovery. Years ago I used Outpatient Physical Therapy for a different injury and was very satisfied with my rehab program and recovery process.

When I had to return, I found the same professional standard daily and even more important to patients with lengthy recovery issues, I was met at each appointment by not just one but a team of knowledgeable, caring, insightful, friendly and encouraging individuals that made me feel like I was important and like “family”. I especially appreciated the willingness of my therapist to adapt my treatment to not just meet my needs but to consider my future desires for physical movement and my enjoyment during the rigors of exercise and therapy. I actually looked forward to my time at the office! I truly appreciated the individual assistance I received and the ideas for improving home movement and rehab.

A year later when I returned to Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic after a total knee replacement, I was excited to begin my training and work with the physical therapists and other staff again. From my first day back, I was treated with support, encouragement and like “family.” It was as if I had never left the “house”! This time I healed more slowly so I became frustrated and complained when I just seemed to be at a standstill. Through it all, my therapist kept me moving, massaged my pains, made me stretch my limbs, challenged me to keep going— all the while getting me closer to the flexibility and strength desired. I felt my progress was complemented by the care and personal concern I received from the therapists.

The Outpatient office is remarkable! The staff was always courteous, welcoming, and positive from the moment I entered the front door until the final day of my treatments. The front desk staff generously spent time getting to know their patients, as did the therapists. We talked about everything from cycling races and triathlons to weekend trips and family occasions. Toward the end of my rehab, if I arrived early for my session, I could begin doing my workout early, under the watchful eye of the staff; when I was detained and regrettably arrived late once, the staff was flexible and understanding. My shedule was arranged according to my availability, my account was handled without incident and delay, and my departure left the door open to stop by and check in whenever I have a question or need help.

I feel very confident that any patient seeking physical therapy will appreciate this clinic as much as I have. I highly recommend Outpatient PT to you!

Larry of Covington

Professionalism, Knowledge, and Personal Encouragement! I want to acknowledge and thank you and your staff for helping me gain so much more than I ever thought was possible from my Total Knee Replacement. After 48 years of living with a severely limited range of motion ( minus 20 degrees of Extension and 40 degrees of Flexion) that would not allow me to ride a bike or go up and down stairs normally. Your staff, Paula, and Olga helped me to achieve (on my own) 5 degrees of Extension and 105 degrees of Flexion. A truly remarkable feat. The fact that this happened over 3 months is a tribute to their professionalism, Knowledge, and personal encouragement. They are, without a doubt, individually and collectively, the soul of Outpatient Physical Therapy. On a personal note ….All of you know how appreciative I am for helping me through this episode in my life. It has been a positive life changing process that you all made possible.

Dave of Kent

Outpatient Physical Therapy is terrific!

My wife was in three car accidents, and they restored her to health through multiple months of physical therapy.  I have been visiting Outpatient PT for the past 3 months, receiving treatment for neck & back injuries that I sustained during a fall at work.  I have been familiar with George’s work for many years, because he volunteers his time assisting the Kentridge Football team.  He also helped my son with some upper back problems that related from a baseball injury.  Outpatient Physical Therapy is a wonderful establishment  that has helped me and my family tremendously.  Their office is clean, modern and professional, and they are always punctual with their appointment times.

James of Kent

Professional, effective, great people and convenient!!! On the advice and recommendation of my doctor I scheduled my PT at Outpatient Physical Therapy-Kent Easthill location. I was amazed and was extremely impressed.. I had 3 weeks to rehab my knee for a basketball tourney in Spokane and George ( the Owner) , after a series of tests to determine my limits, said he could get me ready to go by game time.  He was very informative, answered all my questions, and was considerate of past injuries that somewhat hampered my recovery process. He even gave me a few clever suggestions for future tournament, team names!  The PT, while challenging, was very effective, and true to his word, George had me ready to roll come tip-off. The layout of the clinic is very open and modern.  Several private rooms as well as an open area complete with HD LCD TV.  I was even able to watch the World Cup while receiving electro-stimulus, and ice treatment. Though I only used 1-2 of the machines, it seems like they had something for everyone ( including a Wii Fit!) The front office staff was personable, professional, and very accomodating in their scheduling.  They handled a last minute cancellation of mine and got me in the next day no problem. All in all, it was a great experience, if I ever have to come back ( knock on wood, I won’t) hesitate to choose Outpatient PT.